Mukesh Kumar

With over 27 years in academics, my journey has been dedicated to empowering students and transforming their lives through education. Having touched the lives of more than 5 Lacs students, I understand the academic industry intimately and the challenges it faces. Together with my co-founder, Nandan Mishra, we’re bridging the gap between academia and industry, aiming to revolutionize technical higher education. Our vision is to ensure that every individual comprehends emerging technologies and leverages them for personal growth. This rare combination of academia and industry expertise uniquely equips us to address the educational needs of both students and organizations.

Nandan Mishra

As an IIT Kanpur alumni with over 12 years of experience, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of technology. I also lead an AI company specializing in real industrial AI solutions for large organizations. My deep understanding of technology, combined with Mukesh Kumar’s academic insights, forms the core of our mission. Together, we’re on a quest to reshape technical education and empower individuals to harness emerging technologies. Our partnership bridges the gap between theory and practice, academia and industry, ensuring that our learners are not only well-informed but also industry-ready. Join us on this exciting journey towards a brighter future.