Income Sharing Agreement


Income Sharing Agreement


Ikigai Lab ISA (Income Share Agreement) empowers you to invest in your future over the next 8 months. You pay only when you get a job, of which you will share 15% of your gross income with us for 24 months. We support you throughout this period through mentorship, workshops and online communities.

We take care of everything that comes before that – from your admission to your final placement. Our approach is based on the principle that education should be affordable to everyone, especially those who are motivated enough to learn new skills but can’t afford it.

ISA-based programs provide you with the ability to learn the new technologies and frameworks that will help you prepare for a new job.

How ISA works

  • Pay ₹0 tuition fee until you land a high paying job
  • Pay a fixed EMI over a time period of 24 months
  • Stop paying once you reached the maximum amount of INR 2,50,000 plus GST
  • If You Have Any Question?

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