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Full Stack Web Development

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Course Overview
Full Stack Web
Development Bootcamp


Course Overview

8 Months Live Online Program
1st Jan 2022
1 Month Capstone Project
12 hours per week
6 Minor Projects
500+ Hours of Learning
200+ Hours Live Interactive Sessions
15+ Faculty, Practitioners, and Guest Speakers
1 Major Capstone
5+ Mock Interviews

Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp

The Ikigai Lab design the program for students in their 3rd and 4th year of graduation and looking to build their career in Web Development. Full Stack Web Developer is a software expert who’s equally proficient in frontend (client-side) development and backend (server-side) development.

Full Stack Developers are familiar with each layer of tech stacks that go into the making of a software product.



Placement Assistance

Dedicated Placement Assistance to get you placed in the top companies
Career Guidance and mentorship by Ikigai Industry Partners
Resume Building and Interview Preparation Sessions
Multiple interviews with multiple companies to increase your chances of getting placed

Capstone Project and Assignments

6 Minor Projects

These projects will be at the end of every module, the concepts you are learning you will be implementing in real industrial case studies.

1 Major Capstone Project

This is a 4 week project at the end of the program to make you apply all the learnings to real life business problems.


There will be weekly assignments you need to complete in every module. This will make sure that you are on track throughout the program.


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Web Development Introduction
  • Introduction
  • What is Server? Discuss LAMP/WAMP/XAMP?
  • Difference between global server and local server?
  • Configuration of local server.
  • Role of http over the network/Internet.
  • Terminologies
  • Web client
  • Web server
  • Web browser
  • Webpage
  • Website
  • Discuss Client server architecture.
  • HTML Basics
  • Text and link on web page
  • HTML Tables and basic layout
  • HTML Lists
  • HTML Entities
  • HTML Forms
  • HTML Basics
  • HTML5 Basics
  • Multimedia and graphics on webpage
  • CSS Basics
  • Selectors in CSS
  • Text formatting using CSS
  • Page formatting using CSS
  • Table formatting using CSS
  • Border formatting using CSS
  • List formatting
  • Cursor
  • CSS3 formatting
  • Introduction of bootstrap
  • Layout management in bootstrap
  • Text in bootstrap
  • Table in bootstrap
  • Icons in bootstrap
  • Pagination in bootstrap
  • Modal in bootstrap
  • Image in bootstrap
  • Button in bootstrap
  • Button group in bootstrap
  • Progress bar in bootstrap
  • Alert message in bootstrap
  • Budget and wells in bootstrap
  • Panel and collapsible panel in bootstrap
  • List group in bootstrap
  • Pager in bootstrap
  • Menu and navigation bar in bootstrap
  • Form in bootstrap
  • Carousel in bootstrap
  • Tooltip and popover plugin in bootstrap
  • Spinner in bootstrap
  • Flex in bootstrap
  • Introduction of javaScript
  • Basic of java script
  • Function in java script
  • Events in java script
  • Object in java script
  • String in java script
  • Array in java script
  • Error object in java script
  • Type conversion in java script
  • Regular expression in java script
  • Form control in java script
  • DOM
  • BOM
  • Jquery Basics
  • Method in Jquery
  • Animation in Jquery
  • Introduction of AJAX.
  • Understanding the mean of asynchronous.
  • What is XMLHttpRequest?
  • Method of XMLHttpRequest.
  • Discussion on load() method
  • Difference between Get and post method.
  • Discuss open method and its parameters.
  • Properties of XMLHttpRequest object
  • Discuss values of status property.
  • Writing first code to update part of page using ajax.
  • Showing user data from server using ajax.
  • Introduction
  • PHP Basics
  • Operators in PHP
  • Decision making
  • Looping
  • Array
  • String
  • Function
  • Error Handling
  • File Handling
  • Form Handling
  • CRUD operation
  • State management
  • Uploading and downloading
  • OOPs
MySQL Database
  • Database
  • Basic of MySQL
  • Table and view in MySQL
  • Adding, removing and modifying Records in table
  • Fetching record from table
  • Join in SQL