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Competitive Coding

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Course Overview
Full Competitive Coding


Course Overview

8 Months Live Online Program
1st Jan 2022
1 Month Capstone Project
12 hours per week
6 Minor Projects
500+ Hours of Learning
200+ Hours Live Interactive Sessions
15+ Faculty, Practitioners, and Guest Speakers
1 Major Capstone
5+ Mock Interviews

Competitive Coding Bootcamp

Today in an era where the doors of all leading MNCs and companies are open to all . Companies will not visit campuses for placements. So now the doors to get selected in your dream company is open irrespective of your college / university /city.

Just sit in their online coding test – crack it and get placed – SIMPLE


Placement Assistance

Placement Assistance

Dedicated Placement Assistance to get you placed in the top companies
Career Guidance and mentorship by Ikigai Industry Partners
Resume Building and Interview Preparation Sessions
Multiple interviews with multiple companies to increase your chances of getting placed

Capstone Project and Assignments

6 Minor Projects

These projects will be at the end of every module, the concepts you are learning you will be implementing in real industrial case studies.

1 Major Capstone Project

This is a 4 week project at the end of the program to make you apply all the learnings to real life business problems.


There will be weekly assignments you need to complete in every module. This will make sure that you are on track throughout the program.



C Language
  • Introduction to Programming language
  • Data Types and Operators
  • Control Statements and Looping
  • Array, String, Storage Class
  • Function, Command Line Arguments Programming
  • Pointer and Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Structure, Union and File Handling
OOPS ( C++ / Java )
  • Programming language
  • OOPS Programming Language
  • Features of OOPS Language
  • Structure of C++ Program
  • Class & Objects
  • Class members
  • Static member data and function
  • Function overloading
  • Constructor and Destructor
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism
Data Structure
1.Linked List

  • Building Linked List
  • Traversing Linked List
  • Insertion, Deletion in Linked List
  • Searching and Sorting In Linked List


  • Representation of Stacks
  • Static Representation
  • Static Representation


  • Implementation of Queues
  • Static Representation
  • Dynamic Representation
Placement Preparation
  • 100 MCQ Practices.
  • 60 Competitive Questions Discussion.
  • 60 Interview Questions.
  • 5 full-fledged technical mock tests.

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